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Running Medical/Non-Medical Transportation Business?

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Hire Experienced NEMT (Non-Emergency Medicsl Transportation) Call Center Agents and Streamline Your Business by Entrusting Labor Tasks, Reclaim Your Time for Strategic Growth!

Let us handle calls and customer support on behalf of your business:

Up to 60% Cost Reduction

Setting up and maintaining an in-house customer support team involves significant expenses for salaries, training, infrastructure, and technology. Outsourcing allows businesses to access cost-effective solutions, often in regions with lower labor costs.

Focus on Business Growth

With us managing your calls and dispatching, you and your internal team can focus on core business activities, increasing overall productivity and fine time to expand your business.

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Services Offered

Call Handling Services

Our call handling services are designed to efficiently manage inbound and outbound calls. We provide:

Inbound Call Handling: Our skilled operators answer calls promptly, follow scripted responses when necessary, understand wheelchair and stretcher services, provide quotes and ensure that each caller’s needs are met effectively.

Outbound Call Handling: Whether it’s appointment reminders, updating drivers, customer follow-ups, or client surveys, we can handle your outbound calls with professionalism and precision.

Dispatching Services

Our dispatching services streamline communication between your clients and field personnel (drivers). We offer:

Appointment Scheduling: Efficiently schedule appointments for your clients or customers, reducing no-shows and optimizing your team’s time. We have good experience in using tools and software systems for managing NEMT scheduling and dispatching systems such as:
– Trip Master
– Route Genie
– RideBits
– Google Cloud Tools

Field Service Dispatch: Dispatch drivers, or other field personnel with real-time updates, ensuring efficient and accurate service.

Emergency Dispatch: In the event of emergencies, our operators will swiftly dispatch the appropriate responders and follow established protocols.

Invoicing Services

We are familiar with leading online invoicing and payment tools such as Square, Stripe,, QuickBooks etc. We’ll do the following:

  • Send invoices from your preferring invoicing tools
  • Collect payments (follow ups and reminders)
  • Prepare month-end account receivable/invoice if you are offering services to facilities or organizations.

Rates Calculator (Free Add-on)

We have especially developed a rates calculator for NEMT businesses. If you get our services, the calculator will be available for your business at no additional charges. We’ll integrate the rates Calculator with your website to allow customers calculate trip costs online. It also gives a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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